Every product created by TRUEfoods uses premium sourced ingredients and an uncompromising attention to detail.

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As chefs, our objective is to produce fresh, natural stock using classic culinary principles on a large scale without compromising the quality or the process. Over many years of researching fresh natural stocks, we have adapted classic techniques to produce the very best products. You could call us ‘old school’ as we pass all our stocks through double muslin twice -the same way we were taught to make stock all those years ago.

We have strict ingredient specifications for all our recipes, along with clearly defined temperatures for roasting bones and cooking times for the first cook and secondary reduction period. If you would like to receive samples along with our full list of products, please contact us.

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For the passionate home cook, you can now purchase our full range of stocks and sauces in supermarkets such as Booths, Ocado, Farm Shop, and many independent food outlets nationwide. The same uncompromising and exacting standards go into producing these products for you to enjoy at home.

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The TRUEfoods hand-crafted artisan Bakery produces a fantastic range of pies, quiches, tarts and more. Ranging from the delicious ‘Cheeky Beef, Goosnargh Chicken & Ham Pie’ to our outstanding ‘Salmon, Spinach & Saffron Sauce Pie’. Our team can work with you to produce bespoke products using your recipes and photographic specifications, using only the freshest ingredients encased in our own pastry. All of our meat-based fillings are naturally made with premium quality meat from named breeds and our own wonderful flavoursome stocks. Please contact us for our full range or to discuss bespoke products.

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Our hand-crafted pâté and terrine products range from the simple to the spectacular, not only pleasing to the eye but delighting the palate. Our range delivers freshness, colour, texture, and flavour -from the golden crust of a Pâté en Croûte to the stunning meat-based terrine embedded in piquant jelly. From individual items to larger whole terrines and galantines, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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We continually strive to improve in the pursuit of perfection in all we produce. To enable us to do this, we have created a state of the art research and development kitchen with a full range of culinary gadgets, delivering unique products that inspire and delight our fantastic customer base. It is because of our research and development kitchen that we have been able to create our popular ‘Beef Stock Beer’ and ‘Chicken Stock Lager’, as well as our TRUEfoods apiary to make honey, our freeze dryer, and our herb garden to grow fresh produce. As a creative food-led business, we pledge to continually improve and work with our customers to push our culinary boundaries.


Soon to be added will be our very own Kitchen Table where we will have guest Michelin starred chefs along with our very own chef, Aled Williams (‘Gordon Ramsay Scholar’ winner and ‘Great British Menu Wales’ champion) cooking for you, up close and personal. Watch this space for more details, it is seriously exciting!